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A letter to My Future Husband

14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Firstly, congrats on an awesome choice of wife, and sorry about all the singing, and sometimes, (maybe a lot) of dancing around the house

You should know upfront, that right now I am getting a little impatient. Like, could you take any longer? If you don’t hurry you might end up on the couch! (kidding… or maybe I am not)

So I have a couple of things to say specifically in this Valentine’s Day edition letter.

1. I hope you are attending a good bible believing church, and that you are accountable to someone wiser, who cares about you and wants you to grow and be all you can be.

2. If one of our kids ever needs help with Afrikaans homework – You’re up!!!

I don’t want to kiss a thousand frogs before you. I don’t want to just throw myself at anyone, because nobody compares to you. I haven’t always made the best decisions with my heart and my body, but a realized a long time ago that you are worth the wait. Albeit excruciatingly long.

In this time, I will be protecting what is rightfully yours. You wouldn’t want some random guy getting the parts of me that are meant for you.

I am praying for a few things:

That you’re displaying integrity in all you do. That you stand up for what is right and defend those who can’t defend themselves.

That God is developing your heart to be soft and compassionate and strong, and have a servant heart towards others.

That you are seeking God in ALL you do. And Love Him more than you will love me.

That you will raise our children with me to love & serve God, respect themselves and others. that you will love them & tell them every day.

That we will laugh A LOT.

That you will find your dream and chase hard after it in the direction that God takes you.
Take my hand, I will run with you.

That you won’t hide your quirks… but trust that I love them and you just the way you are.
That you always be yourself and feel safe with me.

That you will hold on… and know that I am holding on too…

I can’t promise we will be happy 100% of the time…. But I can promise to love you, even when we are not… and to not be reckless with your heart.

I have one thing to ask of you as of today…

Please be brave – please be courageous, and say “Hi” – because it could be me.