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Rumours & Gullibility

29 Jan

It’s a new year…. 

So I thought I should write something here.  It’s been a bust 1st month of 2011 at work. Getting a lot of new accounts and having to do LOT’S of design work for it.  But all good in the hood…

So as usual when I decide on a whim to update my blog, I find a million other things to distract me…. it’s taken me 30 mins just to write this sentence! :/

We had a scare this week with Mandela’s health, and rumours flying around like mad that he had died… It was mostly irritating…
If you don’t know for certain don’t say anything. And people are so, so gullible these days, so they just pass it along.

I see it on Facebook on a daily basis…. “I got a free iphone just by clicking on this link…”  “This girl commited suicide….” BLAH! really??? Are you seriously that gullible? Anyway… Like my mother always used to say, “It takes all kinds to make the world’ hehehe….

I made some progress on finding my friend Marcel Campell but more on that in another post.

Over and Out for now….


The (w)orld (w)ide (w)eb and HSP (Highly Sensitive People)

13 Jun

So we all know how “public” the internet is… and that there is kind of this freedom of publishing, when it comes to people’s personal profiles/websites.

I had an interesting experience at my workplace this week, where, in the spirit of the World Cup, I posted a video on my YouTube channel ( which proved to be rather “contraversial” or in other word, blown completely out of proportion by certain HSP’s.

The video consisted of some of my colleagues doing a dance for the World cup, which I and several other people thought was great.

Others, however, had ideas of reporting it as offensive to FB, in order to get the link removed from my profile…. pretty pathetic right??

Granted… I should have asked first…

But why the HPYER sensitivity and over reaction…??

I was then instructed to apologize to all in the video and remove it from the web… most just laughed at me, and were bumbed that I was told to remove it… (except for the HSP)

So now, the awesome vid is down… and I’m left wondering if the world is full of idiots who instigate and make out as though things are done maliciously causing others to be upset…. Or if it’s just in my neck of the woods….?

I’m not sure if these people are just self-important or what??

Any attention is better than none right??

I mean, what if they had just left it? Would it have got as much attention???????

I’d love to know…

SO if you have had an experience like this, or if you yourself are an HSP, I would love to hear from you!!